Private Account:

An account linked to a Mastercard debit card with a host of functions that are always accessible.

Greater freedom:
  • With Nexyiu Card, you can request your monthly gift cards to shop wherever and whenever you want!
  • You can reserve the credit quantities you wish to receive and they will be available on your account within ten days.
More simplicity:
  • Through the app, accessible from smartphones and PCs, you can manage all the functions of your account and your card.
  • A support service which is continuously available to help you manage your operations.
Multiple benefits:
  • We are making your Nexyiu package even more advantageous.
  • Thanks to the partner brands and loyalty programme, you can receive Cashback on every purchase you make.
Activate your account

Request your Nexyiu Card

With a quick and easy wizard. ATTENTION Opening the account on this page is reserved for private users. Your account must match the type of profile you entered in your Nexyiu dashboard. We remind you that the incorrect opening of the account may result in costs for you.


Together we are revolutionising the way you shop

With just a few simple steps, you can open your account.



Access this link and complete the registration procedure.


KYC procedure:

You will have to fill in a series of data and upload the following documents: Scan or photo of the passport or identity card Selfie with identity document: 1 if passport, 2 if C.I. Front and Back Proof of residence (e.g. a utility bill). The document must not be older than 90 days from the date of issue. You can also upload a bank statement, as long as it is not from a credit / debit card (N26, Hype, Postepay Evolution). Or, any official communication from your bank (such as a contract change). The document must be in color, perfectly legible, in jpg, png or pdf format. Follow this guide to help you through the process.



Our operators will carry out the necessary checks. You will receive a registration confirmation email within 24 hours. In the following 72 hours you will receive another 3 emails: At the end of the procedure for uploading the required documentation, you will receive an email confirming registration, within 24 hours. Over the next 10 days, our staff will proceed with the checks required by European legislation and will inform you of any additional documents required. Upon approval of your position, you will receive 3 emails: the first contains your data, IBAN and BIC / SWIFT code. The second contains the link to choose the password. Once the link is clicked, the procedure must be completed within 10 minutes. The third contains the payment confirmation code which must be saved and kept in a safe place. The whole procedure can take up to 10 business days.


Request your Nexyiu Card:

As soon as you receive confirmation of your account activation, you can start operating. From this moment on, you will be able to request your Nexyiu Card from the functionality within the application.